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If you find your built-in weather app too basic, you have a myriad of other options to choose from. Hand held wind and weather meters are your portal into the perpetually changing world of weather phenomena.

However, you might have to invest a few dollars to download them. Let’s say you need an app that can tell you if you need to bring an umbrella today. Then, you should look for an app that provides updated radar data. Not only that, nearly all radar data within the country come from the same source—the National Weather Service. Gone are the days when we used to wait for the local news or paper to deliver the weather forecast. Anytime and anywhere, you can check the latest forecast using a mobile weather app.

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It can be tagged as the best weather station for the weather underground. AcuRite is an impressive, high-quality weather sensor at an affordable price range. If you’re a newbie who’s going to use the weather station for common purposes such as knowing the local weather forecast, then this model is perfect for you.

A wind meter like the Kestrel 3000 will tell you all you need to know about the speed of the wind, the temperature, even humidity and heat stress information. More advanced weather meters like the Kestrel 5500 track nearly 20 different weather parameters, and can record the data for later analysis. It is one of the most premium weather meters of all time which is quite expensive but it’s built quality and durability.

This can accurately measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rainfall, UV and solar radiation, and humidity. It has an all in one sensor which means that you do not have to worry about the additional sensors at all. This is one of the best choices for farmers and schools who are serious weather watchers. This is because it detects the most accurate weather conditions and it has never disappointed with its readings. It has an integrated sensor suite that can be easily customized by adding consoles or special-purpose options.

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Most forecasts are generated for major metropolitan areas across the U.S, so if you live along city outskirts or in a rural area, it is possible that your hyper-local weather may not be captured. As more companies allow users to share real-time weather updates via their mobile devices—referred to as weather crowd-sourcing—this data gap may become less of a hindrance. Keep in mind, the weather apps listed above are among the best for many people, but not necessarily for all. There are a number of variables that affect a service’s accuracy. There are other options out there that provide nitty-gritty details. Such an app can do more than inform you about appropriate clothing choices. These apps can, for instance, educate you on different hazards of extreme weather conditions.

It has received the maximum comments for the best home weather station review on Amazon. The weather ultimately affects our daily lives, and consumers today are willing to spend just to be prepared for the rain, sun, snow, and wind’s ups and downs. Whether you’re a budget-conscious, a camper, a fisherman, a gardener or a farmer- there’s a weather station that will be ideal for you.

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